You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To!

Finding Dory –

Last week, I finally watched the movie Finding Dory. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realize how good! It was just the sweetest movie, and how could it not be with little Dory?! I thought little Nemo was adorable from the original movie, Finding Nemo. But little Dory was somehow like…10 times cuter. (So cute!)

Little Dory

Finding Dory was a feel-good, family movie—and I loved it! And what’s so nice about quality family movies is that they actually have a well composed story line. With lots of relatable characters, and lessons to be learned. (Gotta love morals!)

My favorite quote from the movie came from Dory’s mom, Jenny. “It means you can do whatever you put your mind to!” She made this statement after little Dory successfully remembered to follow the purple seashells back home if she ever got lost.

Initial Sketches

I found Dory to be so relatable. On her quest to cross the ocean and find her parents, she often dealt with defeat and anxiety. And it was so great to see her “just keep swimming,” during those rough times. She was so determined, relentless, and brave—a very strong role model.

Something I, and most people, have more difficulty relating to is Dory’s optimism. Even though she dealt with her fair share of defeat and anxiety, she always managed to have a positive outlook. Anytime a situation went awry, she’d make the best of it and find a new opportunity. It’s because of her positivity and perseverance that Nemo’s dad, Marlin, asks the question: “What would Dory do?” The answer to this proved to be the motivation, and nudge in the right direction that he was needing.

Life Lessons –

Looking back on my life thus far, the quote “you can do whatever you put your mind to” seems so accurate and relevant. There are moments from my past where I’m just like, whoa…I really did that? And the answer is yes, because I put my mind to it!

More Refined Traces Final Handwritten Quote

In particular, one summer during elementary school stands out. Every summer I would make art and enter it in the county fair. But this summer in particular I just made art, and more art, and more art! And I loved it, it was so fun! And I didn’t hate it, or stress about it. I just DID it.

Throughout my college years, I’d often think back to this art filled summer of my past. Everything seemed so simple, and so right, and so natural. I wished and wished for that motivation, inspiration, and drive to consume me like it once had. But it never did.

Watercolor + Salt Explorations Original Background Watercolor

Then, I graduated college. And I started this blog. Once again, I craved that feeling. To make. To create. To be motivated, inspired, and driven! It hasn’t been easy, and at times it has felt so forced. But this time…this time I’m finally getting somewhere. And it’s such a sweet feeling, a feeling I’m trying to savor, nurture, and grow.

On A Mission –

Just like Dory, I’ve always felt different. And to a degree, I think everyone feels different. What matters is that we stay true to ourselves, and trust our own intuition. Dory’s mission in life was to cross the ocean and find her parents. She didn’t care that everyone thought she was out of her mind! And she definitely didn’t know what she was doing, but she put her mind to it, and she did it anyway!

Dory Speaking Whale

Right now, my mission is to see how far I can take this blog. Usually, when I talk to people about my career goals I feel like I’m speaking whale (Ha! Get the reference?), but that’s okay. Just like Dory, I’m having to trust myself and my intuition. (Horrifying, am I right?) And trust me, I don’t know what I’m doing either. But I assure you, I’ve put my mind to it, and I’m going to make the most of this opportunity!

Mind To: Desktop

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