Windblown Perspective

Windy with a Chance of Cleanup –

Over the weekend, my husband and I finally picked up all the tree branches that were littering our yard from a big winter storm a few weeks back. Afterwards, we were feeling pretty proud of our handiwork, a nice clean yard.

The very next day, however, brought howling 40mph winds and an onslaught of new branches to our yard…again. Which pretty much sums up my year so far—windy with a chance of cleanup.

Windblown Luna Ears

For anyone who’s been to the Great Plains, windy days are nothing out of the ordinary. Usually it’s just a “strong breeze,” but Monday’s 40mph wind made it one of those days everyone wanted to stay inside.

Tree branches were blowing in the wind, and scratching against the outside of our house. Limbs of all sizes were falling onto our yard, and every so often falling onto our roof, audibly skittering their way down to the ground. Trash and other debris were getting stuck against fences and of course, clouds of loose top soil made the streets a dusty haze.

So, what does that tell you about my year so far? The struggle has been real. Figuratively, it’s been one windy day after another. It feels like I’ve been cleaning up one batch of branches, after the next. All the while living in a bit of a hazy whirlwind.

A New Chapter of Life Calls for a New Perspective on Life –

I guess I shouldn’t expect any different since I’m trying to adjust to a new chapter of life…a new town, a new home, a new career. The list seems endless, and for someone like myself, who keeps a constant and ongoing to-do list, it feels a little discouraging. Cross one thing off the list, then immediately replace it with another.

To-Do List

I keep asking my husband, Damon, “When will life get back to normal?” He answers with a shrug and an understanding smile. Then he usually rattles off a list of reasons why I’m being too hard on myself. To which I scoff, and roll my eyes.

As much as I hate to admit it, he’s right, I focus too much on my to-do list. I put too much energy into dwelling on the unfinished that I end up neglecting to appreciate what I’ve already done. Obviously, it’s time I take a step back, and gain a little perspective.

So, whether you find yourself walking with the breeze, or fighting against the wind, just remember not to let a few branches bring you down. Sunny with a chance of happiness is right around the corner!

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