Stop Doubting, Start Believing

Bigger & Better Things Ahead –

Over the weekend, Damon & I spent eight hours mowing and cleaning, and finally the keys to the rental we once called home left our hands. Leaving was definitely bittersweet, as we have so many fond memories tied to that house. But, as they say, it was time to move onto bigger and better things.

Now, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Damon & I are in the final stages of moving. And I can tell we’re in the final stages, because as everyone knows…it’s the point where there’s an inevitable mound of displaced and disheveled boxes to sort through. And I’m 100% not enjoying that process, ugh! (Is it over yet? I wish…)

A Displaced Book –

But, some good has come from the sorting process…and it was all because of a displaced book that caught my eye on a disheveled mound of our stuff. The book was a product of my last semester of graphic design classes. I made it for a senior level course called: Designing for Change, which focused on brand development.

+ The goal of the course was to re-invent or create a brand—start to finish (i.e. brainstorming, market research, visual moodboards, target market, company mission statement, etc.)

+ The end product of the course was a brand identity book. Basically, a book describing in detail the company brand, products, and visual aesthetic.

As I flipped through the book, I was literally in awe of my work. I kept asking Damon: “I did this?!” Sounds crazy, but I had no idea it looked so good…or professional…or real. Because at the time, I was so busy working on it and trying to meet the requirements and deadlines that I had no time to step back and look at my work unbiasedly, or objectively. And what a shame!

I remember when I finished the project and turned it in, how unsure and doubtful I felt. Was it good? I thought maybe it was, but I had no idea! I was so fraught with self-criticism, uncertainty, and doubt. What would my professor think of my work? How would he grade it?

When the time came, and I found out he loved it and thought I could make my idea into a reality…for some reason I still didn’t believe him, or believe in myself, or my idea. And to be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a weird funk ever since.

I had honestly begun to wonder if I had made a huge mistake going back to school for graphic design. Had I learned or gained anything from it? Was it just a ploy to stay out of adulthood? What was I thinking?!

An Unexpected Epiphany –

Unfortunately, it took me nearly nine months of not thinking about, or glimpsing my work, to realize I should start believing in myself and my graphic design abilities. And all it took was me seeing that displaced book and all its wonderful contents that I had spent so much time, energy, and effort creating. Talk about a wakeup call!

It quickly became apparent just how far off track I had gotten in my thinking: so doubtful, so negative, so blind to my own talents and abilities…like it was all for not. When in reality, I now realize that couldn’t have been further from the truth!

I am smart…and talented…and creatively gifted. Apparently, I just needed time to realize that for myself. Which came in the form of a wakeup call from an unbiased, and objective look at my past work. (Weird how life works, isn’t it?)

If you’re doubting your abilities in a certain aspect of your life, I want to encourage you to take a step back. You might just realize how very much you have to offer, and you owe it to yourself to start believing in yourself and your abilities!

To help remind you to “stop doubting and start believing,” I’ve designed a downloadable wallpaper for your phone, tablet, and/or desktop. Visit the Digital Downloads page of the blog to get yours!



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