Spring Collars & Cuteness

Spoiled Pets and the Outdoors –

{Warning: doting rescue mama speaking.} As mentioned in the Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring blog post, we take all our indoor animals outside. And every time, I can’t help but laugh at how funny we must look to people driving by. I mean, who takes their indoor cats out on a regular basis? Ha, we do! It’s hard not to, they just love it so much! Here’s how their outdoor time usually goes:

Finn's Spring Collar

The youngest cat, Finn, prowls about the yard hunting anything that moves. Still unsure of himself outside, he keeps his body as close to the ground as possible. He usually ends up attacking sticks, and giving himself numerous dirt baths. All the while slowly moving further and further away from the house. Anytime we go to retrieve him, or even just give him a belly rub, he yowls at us, begging to stay outside just a little bit longer.

The pup, Luna, usually wags her tail as she sniffs about the yard. She often finds who-knows-what and nibbles at the ground, staring at us as she continues to disobey our commands for her to stop. Other times, she finds who-knows-what and rolls around in it until she stinks to high heaven and needs a bath. But most of the time she just sits next to us, smiling as she enjoys the sights, and watches after the cats.

Kora's Spring Collar

The oldest cat, Kora, instantly collapses onto the cement landing upon exiting the house. Absorbing all the warmth as she flips back and forth, nuzzling the ground with happiness. Next, she jumps onto the wood garden beam, and gives it a vigorous (but slightly pathetic) claw scratching. Lastly, she scurries into the grass and bathes herself in the debris as she goes between snacking on grass and bird-watching.

Fresh Collars for Spring –

As you can probably tell by now, we love our animals. And because of this, they’re all very spoiled. That’s why every season, this Spring included, the cats get new collars. (Unfortunately, I find it much harder to find cute, affordable dog collars. So, Luna only gets a new collar once or twice a year. But we make up for it in dog walks, runs, and baths—I swear!)

Luna's Bath

Now that we live in a small town, I had to look online for collars rather than in-store. And I was surprised to find that my favorite brand, which I usually buy at retail pet stores, has an Etsy shop. What’s so great about that, is the huge selection of cute designs to choose from!

Sweet Pickles Packaging

The brand is called Sweet Pickles Designs, and the Etsy shop has a huge selection of high-quality cat collar designs to choose from! Needless to say, I had fun taking my time figuring out which collars I thought best suited Kora and Finn for the Spring season.

As you can see in the photos, Kora got “The Spot On” yellow and white polka dotted collar, and Finn got “The Champ” all yellow velvet collar. And they both look as great as expected!

Sweet Pickles Collar Order

Perhaps it’s a little over-the-top, but I love when the seasons change and I get to pick new collars for my cats. I think the cats even like getting new collars, because it gives them a little extra attention.

To learn more, you can check out the Sweet Pickles Etsy shop where you’ll find their huge selection of cute, high-quality cat collars and more! You can also follow them on Instagram @sweetpicklesdesigns.

If you’re looking to spoil your cat with a new collar, I highly recommend Sweet Pickles Designs. You and your cat won’t be disappointed!

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