Sit Back, Relax & Be Grateful

Dealing with Change –

None of us are immune to change, but I do think some people handle change better than others. As many of you know, I’ve had a lot of changes in my life over the past year. And to be honest…I feel like I’ve been the person asking where my glasses are when everyone else can see they’re clearly propped on the top of my head.

Oh, dealing with change has been my problem all along? Interesting. You’d think I’d have figured that out by now…

I think amongst all the changes that have occurred over the past year, I’ve been internalizing Damon’s storyline and not my own. You see, he’s been living and working in this town for a year. I, on the other hand, have not. Which, let’s face it, has probably been making me feel a little behind and overwhelmed in and of itself.

Besides that, over the past year I’ve lived in 2 different cities and 3 different homes. That’s a pretty big change considering I grew up in the same town and same home for 18 years. Not to mention I’ve only been out of school for 9 months, 6 months of which I’ve been pregnant! In other words, I’ll actually be a new mom before I’ve lived here a whole year AND before I’ve been out of school for a whole year.

What in the world? Life is a whirlwind.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I’ve never been that great with change. And now that there’s been so much of it recently in my life, I’m starting to realize that it’s been wearing me down more than I’d recognized. But there’s hope…as they like to say, “the first step is admitting you have a problem.” And thanks to writing – which I find fun and therapeutic – I can raise my hand and admit I have a problem accepting change.

Choosing to Focus on Gratitude –

I’ve decided the best way for me personally to get through this time of great change (and the overwhelming feelings that come with it), is to accept what I said earlier…that change is imminent, and never ceasing. There’s no escaping it!

So, instead of using change as a source to fuel my anxiety and overwhelm, I’m going to start using change as a source to fuel my gratitude. Because the more I think about it, change is a good thing — it means I’m moving forward. And moving forward is good, because I want to have a long, fulfilling life…which is something doesn’t happen without a lot of change!

Here’s how I’m going to focus on gratitude:

Instead of feeling worn down from all the moving I’ve done over the past year…
I’m going to be grateful that I’m getting settled into our new “forever” home.

Instead of feeling anxious about becoming a new mother…
I’m going to be grateful that I’ve been blessed with a baby.

Instead of being overwhelmed that everything has changed so much over the past year…
I’m going to be grateful that everything has changed so much.

Because let’s face it, if nothing had changed, Damon wouldn’t have landed a great job in a great community. I wouldn’t have graduated early with my third degree. We wouldn’t have lived in a cute old rental together or bought this wonderful home, and we wouldn’t be having this baby!

So, even though this year has been emotionally taxing and filled with change, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. And I’m so glad I’ve finally recognized how negligent I’ve been in the gratitude department. I have so much to be grateful for after all — a loving husband, a new home, and a baby on the way!


Sit Back, Relax, & Be Grateful

Is a change in your life making you feel overwhelmed or anxious? If so, don’t make the same mistake I have by letting it wear you down. Instead, sit back, relax, and choose to focus on everything you have to be grateful for — you’ll be happy you did!




  1. Kayla Snovelle-Beachy says

    This was such an eye opener! Thank you for sharing. My husband and I are going through a lot of changes, too. There are times I wonder if we’re ever going to make it through this, not-so-fun, time in our lives. We’ve had so many ups and downs and turn-arounds and we’ve only been married year on Saturday!

    But it’s true, you really do just need to sit back and be thankful for everything you’re blessed with. God only gives us what He knows we can handle, but sometimes I wish he didn’t think we were so strong! 🙂

    I really enjoy reading your posts and CANNOT wait to read the ones to come in the future about your guys’ parenting adventure!

    • Hi Kayla! Thanks for reading, and I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the posts. 😀

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough year of change as well! That first year of marriage can be quite an adjustment period, for sure. But you’re right, God only gives us what we can handle, so we just gotta relax and be grateful. In time, it’ll all turn out alright! 🙂

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