Simmering Thoughts + Clay Dishes

This week in blogging I feel like I have so much to say, and yet I’m not ready to write about any of it! As Damon likes to say, “You’re thinking so loud I can hear it.” And while that may be adorably true, I’m just not in a place to write about any of it, because I’m certain I wouldn’t do any of it justice.

So, what better way to let my thoughts simmer than by taking up an old hobby!

Revisiting an Old Hobby: Working with Clay –

Growing up I used to play with clay a lot. I always enjoyed it, because it’s a hands-on, tactile art form. I’d get to morph a solid block of clay into whatever form I wanted — usually animal characters and scenery. Most memorably, a cute bear (wearing overalls, I believe) holding a fishing pole at the edge of a lake filled with river rocks waiting for a fish to bite. Yeah…it was pretty adorable, I have to admit!

Kyto Polyclay

Not to mention, if I didn’t like my creation I could always smash it up, roll it out, and create something new — something better. Basically, when I played with clay, it felt like there were no limits or restrictions. And there was definitely no pressure to get it perfect, especially not on the first go!

Painting with Acrylics III

Like I’ve mentioned before, sometimes the hardest part is just to start. Because…if you’re like me, there’s always the question of: what do I make? Unlike a lot of people, I don’t enjoy having 100% creative leeway (at least not at the beginning)! I prefer to have a project with an end goal in mind. That way I feel like I know where I’m headed with the process.

Deciding on a Project –

For this project, I thought about going back to my roots, making a “sculpture” of an animal character. But…that sounded a bit intense for my first clay project in who knows how many years. So, I decided that making something with a purpose sounded like a better way to get the creative juices flowing. However, that still left the question of: what do I make?

Clay Dish Set

So, after a few minutes of brainstorming, I realized I needed three small dishes. One for the earrings I wear on a regular basis. Another for my wedding ring, cross necklace, and watch. And a third for all the little knick-knacks I keep on my bedroom side table. Alas, a project with an end goal was conceived and the fun could begin!

Sparking a Renewed Interest –

Now that the dishes are complete, I have to say…it was really fun to work with clay again! It was fun to cut away at the clay block, warm the clay with my hands, and roll out and shape the clay into whatever form I fancied. Painting the clay dishes proved the most intimidating and time consuming portion of the project. But even that turned out to be more fun than I had anticipated. Who knows, maybe more clay projects will be in my future!

Clay Dishes in Use

Do you have an old creative hobby you’ve let slip over the years? It’s never too late to pick it back up from where you left off. Give it another go — you might be surprised how much you miss it!

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