Pregnancy: A Roller Coaster

The Ups, Downs, and Surprises –

I wish I would’ve written down what I thought pregnancy would be like before I had gotten pregnant… I’m pretty sure it’d make for a good laugh!

I think I had a pretty simple and glamorized image of pregnancy in my mind. Cute growing belly, an extra dotting husband, weird food cravings – that kind of thing. And that’s not to say all of those haven’t been staples in my own pregnancy, because they have, but I definitely did not see a lot of things coming my way!

Here is a list of my top five surprises about being pregnant:

Maternity 28 Weeks

1) The Ultimate Countdown –

I had no idea pregnancy would turn into one of the biggest countdowns of my life. Not because I’m miserable, which I’m not, but because HOLY CRAP THERE’S A BABY ON THE WAY! Even while the baby is still in the womb there are a ton of milestones to reach. I let out a sigh of relief every week, because the baby has made it one step closer to a healthy delivery into this world. I wish I could say I’m just counting down until the due date (11 weeks away!), but I’m really counting down every viability milestone until the baby reaches full-term — 8 more weeks!

2) Excitement, Nervousness & Reluctance –

I had no idea pregnancy would be equal parts excitement, nervousness, and reluctance.

  •             I’m 34% excited to be pregnant and starting our family.
  •             I’m 33% nervous about…well, everything: baby’s health, labor & delivery, parenting, etc.
  •             I’m 33% reluctant to enter a new stage of life.

Don’t get me wrong, since we first started dating at 17 years old, I’ve been telling Damon: “I want to start having kids when I’m 27 or 28 years old.”  So, obviously, we’ve had plenty of advance notice that this was the direction our lives were heading. Yet…I still find myself feeling too young and unprepared for a baby to be on the way. Not to mention, it’s been a blissful five years of marriage…just the two of us, enjoying our lives together. In other words, change can be hard, but I’m so grateful!

Maternity 28 Weeks Profile

3) Feelings of Inadequacy –

I had no idea I’d preemptively feel like a “bad mom” for lack of preparation. Until recently, I’ve quite honestly just refused to read up on anything baby or parenting related. Just the thought of how much information is available has proven to be a deterrent. So many books, so many opinions…talk about an overwhelming overload of information!

However, now that the due date is getting closer and closer, I’ve decided I’d better at least try reading a few books. I’m one and a half books in, and honestly…they seem to say a lot of the same things. So, maybe I won’t have missed out on too much information after all?

I did however have a meltdown one evening after reading who-knows-what information, and have since decided to take everything I read with a grain of salt. Just because the authors are experts or experienced parents doesn’t mean they have all the right answers. Our baby will be one-of-a-kind, just like our parenting style — a learning experience indeed!

As for all the problem-solving tips in the books, I’m trying not to get too fixated on remembering the solutions. Because in all reality, when a particular problem does arise I’m sure I’ll be picking up the book for a refresher on all the possible remedies rather than trying to recollect what I’ve read. So, yeah…that’s what I’ve been doing to combat my “bad mom” feelings.

4) Physically Draining –

I had no idea I could feel so physically different one day to the next. Some days I feel strong & healthy, so much so that I kind of forget I’m even pregnant. (Until my belly knocks into the kitchen counter, ha!) And other days I feel weak & exhausted…like my limbs are made of rubber, and all I want to do is sleep. Those days can be rough, but I figure baby’s just going through another growth spurt — and who can complain about that!

Maternity 28 Weeks Stripes

5) Dreading the Doctor Visits –

Lastly, I had no idea I would hate going to the prenatal doctor’s appointments. Typically, I don’t mind going to doctors at all. I like getting answers and feeling better. But these prenatal appointments make me SO FREAKIN’ ANXIOUS. And it’s only gotten worse, because as I’m finding out: if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.

Weight gains, blood pressure readings, fetal heart rate checks, blood samples, urine samples, glucose tests, booster shots and sonograms…sigh. You’d think since most of those are simple and easy it wouldn’t be too bad, but I have a hard time relaxing until I know the baby’s doing okay. (It’s not like I can see what’s happening in there!) So basically, I’m just holding my breath and letting my blood pressure rise until everything’s checked out. Fun times…not.

Oh yeah, and I just found out last week that I have gestational diabetes. So, yeah…diet changes, 2–3 hour meal / snack schedules, and twice daily finger pricks have become my new norm. Luckily, diet changes seem to be doing the trick…at least for now. (Fingers crossed it stays that way!) But more about that journey for another blog post.


  1. Mary Madden Dreitz says

    Sooooooo enjoyed ! Thanks for sharing….the photos are just simply adorable !!

  2. Hey, My Hopey-girl. Its easy to over think it all. You will be a great mom and you guys will be great parents. There’s no manual. (I always wished there was.) Just relax and you’ll know what to do when the time comes.

  3. Helen Enns says

    Hope, I feel like you’ve left me prepared for my first! 😉 haha I hope motherhood is treating you well! You look amazing in these photos, also in post-baby photos! 😍 How are your blood sugars now? Gestational diabetes is the pits! Can’t wait to read your next blog girl! xo

    • Thanks so much Helen! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog, and that you feel more prepared for motherhood! 😛 Gestational diabetes really was a pain at first — having to remember to eat right and check my levels all the time — but in the end I had a much healthier pregnancy because of doing those things.

      To be honest, I haven’t tested my levels since having the baby (partly because of being busy with baby, and partly because of nerves). But don’t worry, I’ll make sure and check before my follow-up appointment in two weeks. I’m planning on writing another blog post with the start of the new year, so I’ll do an update then! 🙂 <3

  4. j Haverfield says

    How is it going now? I love reading your blog! Take care! Joy

    • Hi Joy! Thanks, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the HSD blog! 😀 As for us now, we’re both doing really well. I’m still trying to be as healthy as possible to help out with breastfeeding, and Aldric just keeps growing and growing! 🙂

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