Friday Faves: ES Chocolate

Friday Faves is the first in a series of bi-weekly blog posts about some of my favorite products, most of which I use during my everyday life. The following product endorsement is based 100% on my own personal opinions. Salty Cravings & Sweet Treats – Without a doubt, I’m a person who craves all things… Read more ›

Chicken / Black Bean Hummus Wrap

The Versatile Hummus Wrap – At our house, lunches are filled with light and easy meals. If it takes more than five minutes to prepare, it’s not a good option for us, because lunch breaks are supposed to be just that—breaks! Time spent enjoying lunch, rather than preparing lunch. The hummus wrap recipe is very… Read more ›

Do What You Love

Thinking Big vs. Thinking Small – “Do What You Love,” is a phrase that usually makes a person think big. But it shouldn’t always be that way, because thinking small is really important too! So, what’s the difference between thinking big and thinking small? Thinking big involves making big decisions that can ultimately alter the… Read more ›

Windblown Perspective

Windy with a Chance of Cleanup – Over the weekend, my husband and I finally picked up all the tree branches that were littering our yard from a big winter storm a few weeks back. Afterwards, we were feeling pretty proud of our handiwork, a nice clean yard. The very next day, however, brought howling… Read more ›


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