Friday Faves: Garlic + Garlic Press

Friday Faves is a series of bi-weekly blog posts about my favorite products, most of which I use during my everyday life. The following product endorsement is based 100% on my own personal opinions. The Benefits & Beauty of Garlic – Fresh garlic is a beautiful thing. It smells great sizzling in a skillet, tastes… Read more ›

Business Cards – A Visual Guide

Setting up Shop – Now that my blog is up and running, it’s time I start setting up shop. Which means designing a business card is on the top of my to-do list. And what better way to organically grow viewers and followers offline than to introduce  yourself with a fun, well-designed, and professional business… Read more ›

Dodgy Jammers (Pun Intended)

An American Take on A British Staple – Dodgy Jammers? Don’t you mean Jammie Dodgers? No…Okay, I’ll admit I kept getting it wrong at first. But then, the deeper I got into the baking process, the more fitting the name proved. (Apparently that’s called *spoonerism!) Since I’m an American, there’s a good chance that if… Read more ›

Braided Doggy Bed

If your dog is anything like my sweet Luna, you have your hands full. With an overly excited dog, it’s inevitable that she’ll get into trouble. Which gets her put into doggy time out. And from the look of things, there is no worse punishment than being banned from the couch…or at least that’s how… Read more ›

Donuts & Acrylics

A Blank Canvas – I’m not going to lie, painting is hard for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is merely the fact that you have to be patient. A trait I often lack. Another reason is that you’re relying on your artistic abilities. Which, let’s face it, will never be flawless. A… Read more ›

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

A Cold Winter Storm – This past winter was as to be expected…cold. There’s nothing wrong with cold winters, but for me I’m not much of a fan. My fingers and toes get too cold, too soon. And what fun is being out in the snow if you can’t feel your fingers or toes? Not… Read more ›

Spring Collars & Cuteness

Spoiled Pets and the Outdoors – {Warning: doting rescue mama speaking.} As mentioned in the Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring blog post, we take all our indoor animals outside. And every time, I can’t help but laugh at how funny we must look to people driving by. I mean, who takes their indoor cats out on… Read more ›