You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To!

Finding Dory – Last week, I finally watched the movie Finding Dory. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realize how good! It was just the sweetest movie, and how could it not be with little Dory?! I thought little Nemo was adorable from the original movie, Finding Nemo. But little… Read more ›

Blueberry Muffins

Spring Blizzards – You wouldn’t know it by looking outside today, but over the weekend there was a major blizzard. I’m not sure exactly how much snow accumulated on the ground, but the weather forecasted 8–12” for our area. And from what I saw, I’d say that sounds about right. Like I said, looking outside… Read more ›

Fish à la Meunière

Fancy Restaurants – I’m not sure, but I think most people can agree with what I’m about to say…We all have that one fancy restaurant we love to go for special occasions. It’s certainly not an everyday occurrence, because the dress code and price are above average. However, the atmosphere, service, and cuisine is top… Read more ›

Friday Faves: Light Therapy Lamp

Friday Faves is a series of bi-weekly blog posts about my favorite products, most of which I use during my everyday life. The following product endorsement is based 100% on my own personal opinions. Happiness & Sunshine – As you might remember from a previous post titled Red Tulips & Watercolors (click here to read… Read more ›

Embroidered Star Pillow

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – The further I get down this entrepreneurial path, the more I’m learning that it’s going to be a challenge to find time to rest. You might be thinking…you’re your own boss, you can rest whenever you want! Well, in a way that’s true. I already work the hours I want to… Read more ›

DIY—Painted Terracotta Pots

Inexpensive, Better Quality & Customized – You might be wondering…why paint terracotta when you can just buy something ready-made? Well, first, terracotta is surprisingly inexpensive. I bought all three sets of terracotta pots and saucers for about $10. Second, although I don’t usually prefer the look of plain terracotta, I think it’s better quality than… Read more ›

Friday Faves: Moo + Business Cards

Fun Brand – As a graphic designer, I’ve used my fair share of online printing companies. And MOO happens to be my favorite! MOO is an online print and design company. The company is relatively young as it launched in 2006 with the vision of providing “great design for everyone.” What sets MOO apart for… Read more ›