Stop Doubting, Start Believing

Bigger & Better Things Ahead – Over the weekend, Damon & I spent eight hours mowing and cleaning, and finally the keys to the rental we once called home left our hands. Leaving was definitely bittersweet, as we have so many fond memories tied to that house. But, as they say, it was time to… Read more ›

Getting Settled: Baby + Home

Nothing like a few weeks away from the blog to make me want to sit down and start writing! So much has happened, and so many emotions have been had. Thankfully, the majority of those emotions have been good! Two of the main highlights have been having a sonogram and buying a house. The Sonogram… Read more ›

Calligraphy Scribbles + Baby Names

Practicing with Ink – I’ve always enjoyed viewing calligraphic works of art. So much time, care, and effort goes into mastering the art form. A dab of ink and a flick of the wrist quickly turns into something beautiful. But as goes with any other skill, those who have mastered it make it look so… Read more ›

Friday Faves: Lärabars

Food & Pregnancy – Before I got pregnant, I never really thought about what my relationship with food would be like during pregnancy. If I thought about it at all, it was fleeting and with the impression that I’d just be having cravings and eating more. So far, at 16 weeks pregnant, I’ve deemed that… Read more ›

A Lifelong Love of Butterflies

A Hidden Delight – I love butterflies. I remember chasing them as a child, making arts and crafts to resemble them during grade school and high school, and working hands-on with them at a nonprofit university research facility called Monarch Watch. So, you can imagine my delight when I saw a big butterfly on our… Read more ›

Shifting Directions

A Time to Reflect – The past week marked Damon & I’s 5th Wedding Anniversary. To celebrate, we vacationed for a week in Park City, Utah. We’d never been to Utah before, but had heard good things, so we decided it sounded like a fun adventure. And looking back, it was everything we’d hoped for… Read more ›

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

A Special Occasion Dessert – Sometimes there’s just not much to say about a recipe other than, “you have to try it—it’s so good!” Well, this is one of those recipes! I found it flipping through an old Kraft: Food & Family magazine. It was about 10 years ago, when Damon and I were still… Read more ›