DIY—Note Cards

The Card Dilemma – I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been getting tired of trying to find cute and inexpensive cards. It feels like I’m constantly weighing my options between price and quality. In other words, it’s rare that I find an inexpensive card that also looks good, and that’s a shame! So,… Read more ›

Sit Back, Relax & Be Grateful

Dealing with Change – None of us are immune to change, but I do think some people handle change better than others. As many of you know, I’ve had a lot of changes in my life over the past year. And to be honest…I feel like I’ve been the person asking where my glasses are… Read more ›

Illustration: A Moving Memento

We did it, the boxes have ALL been unpacked and sorted, and I’m trying to savor this accomplishment… but there is still plenty to do! Namely, finding homes for all the unpacked and sorted goodies within their respective rooms. (I am homeowner, hear me groan…) Nevertheless, what better way to mark this seemingly momentous occasion… Read more ›

Black-Eyed Susans Amidst Chaos

Home Ownership – I didn’t go into home ownership naïvely. I’ve heard plenty about the responsibilities and woes of being a homeowner. And I knew there would be loads of things breaking and needing repaired or fixed. But my gosh, I need a breather…a lull in the onslaught, one might say. Makes me laugh that… Read more ›

Stop Doubting, Start Believing

Bigger & Better Things Ahead – Over the weekend, Damon & I spent eight hours mowing and cleaning, and finally the keys to the rental we once called home left our hands. Leaving was definitely bittersweet, as we have so many fond memories tied to that house. But, as they say, it was time to… Read more ›

Getting Settled: Baby + Home

Nothing like a few weeks away from the blog to make me want to sit down and start writing! So much has happened, and so many emotions have been had. Thankfully, the majority of those emotions have been good! Two of the main highlights have been having a sonogram and buying a house. The Sonogram… Read more ›

Calligraphy Scribbles + Baby Names

Practicing with Ink – I’ve always enjoyed viewing calligraphic works of art. So much time, care, and effort goes into mastering the art form. A dab of ink and a flick of the wrist quickly turns into something beautiful. But as goes with any other skill, those who have mastered it make it look so… Read more ›