Illustration: A Moving Memento

We did it, the boxes have ALL been unpacked and sorted, and I’m trying to savor this accomplishment… but there is still plenty to do! Namely, finding homes for all the unpacked and sorted goodies within their respective rooms. (I am homeowner, hear me groan…) Nevertheless, what better way to mark this seemingly momentous occasion of having emptied the boxes than with an illustration!

Moving Illustration Sketch

I completed my last illustration seven years ago. And by illustration, I mean a piece of artwork evoking a story. I’ve done plenty of artwork since, but they’ve all been without story-lines. In other words, a flower here and a donut there…don’t exactly constitute an illustration, at least not in my opinion.

Moving Illustration Outline

You might be wondering why I haven’t completed an illustration in so long. To make a long story short, it was seven years ago when I decided to drop out of my college major…which, you guessed it, was illustration! After a year of very-much-disliking (okay…hating) the program, I decided enough was enough. I was moving on, and never looking back!

Moving Illustration with Watercolor Base

It’s not that the program was bad, or that I wasn’t equipped and able…but my heart just wasn’t in it. I didn’t particularly like either of my professors, and I never quite fit in with my classmates. Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention that having to draw so much felt like torture!?

Moving Illustration

Seems like a silly thing to say…drawing feel like torture? But I’m not kidding, the three-hour studio sessions, sketchbook homework assignments, and actual illustration projects made for A LOT of drawing every day! And apparently, as I soon learned, I lack the natural inclination to draw. Which, let’s face it…is no bueno for an illustrator.

Moving Illustration Detail

So, that’s my story about how I didn’t become an illustrator! And this illustration has proven to be a friendly reminder to myself about how much I still lack the inclination to draw. (In other words, churning this illustration out felt like torture.) But hey, I tried…and now I have a cute memento to mark the occasion of moving into our new home! And who knows, maybe it’ll inspire me to create more illustrations in the future — only time will tell!

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