Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

A Cold Winter Storm –

This past winter was as to be expected…cold. There’s nothing wrong with cold winters, but for me I’m not much of a fan. My fingers and toes get too cold, too soon. And what fun is being out in the snow if you can’t feel your fingers or toes? Not much fun at all.

Ice Encased Tree Branch

This winter, as usual, most of my days were spent indoors bundled up under blankets. The most memorable was the weekend of January 14th. All the news channels were warning of a big winter storm. It was supposed to be the next big ice storm, which brought the last big ice storm to mind. With that experience made fresh in our memories, everyone was preparing for the worst.

Icicles on Shed

Ten years ago, during the last ice storm, I was still a teenager living at home. My parents had bought a generator to power the heater, and we had used a cast iron skillet to heat food in the otherwise unused fireplace. The days felt bare, and the house felt cold and dimly lit.

Snowy Vine on Fence

Now, nearly 10 years later and living in our new home, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I looked online to see the cost of generators, and wow there’s a high-price range! I asked my parents if our gas stove would continue working if the power went out. And we stocked up on all the food items that would keep us fed in case of an emergency.

Snowy Shrub

Luckily for us, the power never went out. However, a lot of snow did fall. Which meant the town’s big, old trees were carrying a lot of extra weight. And that meant I was more than a bit worried about big limbs crashing down onto our roof, and possibly into our home. Fortunately, the menacing sound of ice encased tree limbs falling to the ground was the only threat we faced that weekend.

A Fresh Start to Spring –

Sometimes it feels true what they say about Kansas, if you don’t like the weather just give it a few hours. In this case it took a few weeks. But those weeks were filled with Mother Nature teasing us with warmer days ahead. Nice and sunny one day, then super cold and chilly the next.

Blooming Tree in Spring

Yesterday was the start of Spring, and luckily for us Mother Nature seems to be keeping it together! Combined with daylight saving time most of the days have been nice and sunny. Which makes the days feel nice, and the evenings even nicer. Now there’s time to enjoy the sunshine in the evenings!

Damon and I have always been the type to stay busy outside until the sun starts to set. Lately that means our suppers have been pushed even later, around nine o’clock these days. (Yikes!) But with it so nice out, it’s hard not to stay out and soak in all the sun we can get.

Blooming Pink Spring Buds

With that in mind, staying outside usually makes us more productive too. Because of this, we’ve managed to clean up our front yard. Which was so, so full of tiny little twigs leftover from the winter storm. No more crunching our way through the front yard, because we’ve raked it empty and our dumpster full!

These long sunny days have brought more relaxed things to our lives too. Things like seeing all the flowers begin to bloom. Since it’s a new house to us, we’ve had no idea what kind of flowers would start popping up. So far, we have a variety scattered about randomly in the garden beds.

Blooming Yellow Spring Flower

We’ve also managed to have our first cookout of the year. And we’ve already eaten our fair share of popsicles as we’ve sat outside watching our pets enjoy the sunshine. To hear more about our time outdoors with our pets, read the Collars & Cuteness blog post.

We’ve even started a new habit, bird-watching. For about five dollars, a wire feeder filled with a berry suet cake has made our backyard tree lively with birds. We’ve been watching from our kitchen window, which makes doing the dishes much more enjoyable!

Blooming Pink Spring Flower

No matter how you chose to spend your days, raking the yard or watching the birds, I hope a lot of sunshine and happiness finds you this Spring!


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