Getting Settled: Baby + Home

Nothing like a few weeks away from the blog to make me want to sit down and start writing! So much has happened, and so many emotions have been had. Thankfully, the majority of those emotions have been good! Two of the main highlights have been having a sonogram and buying a house.

The Sonogram –

The last time Damon and I saw the baby was when I was six weeks along. And as you might imagine, the baby looked nothing like a baby but rather an embryo. (Or, non-scientifically, a blob.) Well, thirteen weeks later and nineteen weeks along, turns out that blob turned into a mighty cute little baby.

Now, one week later and twenty weeks along, I can’t believe baby and I are halfway there to meeting each other! And considering I always find it interesting how other parents-to-be refer to their baby, I’ll share our nickname for our baby. Damon & I lovingly refer to our baby as L.S. (pronounced Ellis), an abbreviation for my maiden name and our married name.

19 Week Sonogram

(Baby names update: We’re still working on a name for if the baby’s a boy. And good grief, I had no idea it’d be so hard to decide! It’s seeming more and more likely that it’ll be a decision destined for the delivery room. Time will tell…and who knows, maybe the baby’s a girl! In which case, we’ve got the name covered. Phew!)

Lately, I can’t decide if the time has gone fast, or slow. I suppose it doesn’t really matter either way, because all I hope is that this baby stays put until he or she is full-term. Isn’t that all any parent really wants? A happy, healthy, whole and well child. I know that’s what Damon and I’ve been praying over this baby from the beginning. It’s a daily prayer I’m sure we’ll continue saying for the rest of our lives, because although at this point my focus is on a healthy pregnancy and later a safe delivery…that still leaves a whole lot of living and growing afterwards. (Yeesh! That’s only a little intimidating…best not to get ahead of myself!)

The House –

I’ve been dreaming and wondering about my future “forever home” for so long. (Longer than I ever remember dreaming about my wedding day!) Where would the house be? What would the house look like? And now…I finally know, and it’s exactly what I’d been hoping for! A corner lot, with a red brick house, and a ranch style layout. (Ahhh, can you hear my heart pitter patter?)

Since it’s been a few weeks since my last post, we’re even moved in and everything! And by that I mean all the main rooms are freshly painted, and all the essential rooms are 95% unpacked and put together. The rest is a hot mess! However, the internet is up and running which means no more downloaded Netflix shows or unanswered google questions. So, that’s a win!

Finn on the Floor

I honestly can’t decide if we have more, or less, stuff than I had originally believed… If I had to guess, probably more knick-knacks and junk, and less substantial goods. I keep telling myself: when I start going through the boxes, just ask “Does this bring me joy?” Because apparently, that’s a popular and beneficial thing to do, or so I’ve heard.

So, obviously I’m going to try and minimize the stuff that we own. But that brings me to another thing I’ve been thinking about: my home décor style. From the looks of it, and the looks of my previous two living quarters, I kind of have a minimalist style going. Lots of empty, painted wall space. What I can’t decide is if that’s in accordance with a minimalist design style, or as a result of my unwillingness to spend money on décor? (Or maybe the latter initiates the former?) Who knows…

Anyways, I’ve taken a few photos of the interior paint colors we’ve used throughout the house. (I always think the paint names are a fun bonus!) We’re going for a fresh look. So, to brighten up the house, we paired a few cool colors with a few neutral colors. All in all, I think we’ve given the house a breath of fresh air, and I’m very pleased with the outcome! And if you’re wondering, the brand of paint we chose was Benjamin Moore: Natura—a paint with low VOC (i.e. volatile organic compounds). To be extra cautious while pregnant, I used a mask…and fans…and ventilation!

White IceCedar KeyBunny Gray Billowy Down Bluebelle Apple Green

Over a week and eleven gallons of paint later…there’s still a painting to-do list: the brick fireplace, some beat up heirloom furniture, and last but not least the nursery. And whether or not it’s my design style, economical approach, or both, I plan on creating a few pieces of décor to furnish some of the empty wall space throughout the house. So, stay tuned for those projects down the road!

P.S. A big thank you goes to my parents for all the time, skill, and energy they’ve put into helping Damon & I during this new stage of life! Mom’s been a painting beauty, and Dad’s been a moving beast!




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