Finally Finished: Nursery Art

Pushing off the Nursery

When I was pregnant, I really didn’t want to work on the nursery. Here’s why:

1) The Baby Shower –
I wanted to wait until after the baby shower to start working on the nursery. That way nearly everything we would need would be in our possession, and we wouldn’t have to wait or worry about getting anything else.

2) An Imminent Arrival –
I was nervous that once we started the nursery the baby would come immediately thereafter. So…I didn’t want to start until baby was as close to full-term as possible.

…And look how well that turned out!

Sketch Work
Watercolor Background

We did, indeed, have everything we needed from the baby shower. And the baby did come nearly immediately after we started work on the nursery. Notice I said “after we started the nursery,” not “after we finished the nursery.” (Sigh.)

So, basically, we brought baby home to a finished house and an unfinished nursery. Remember those blog posts about new home ownership and renovations? I guess it wouldn’t be too far off to say that I was nesting the whole house…just not the nursery. (Nailed it…kind of? Meh.)

Sharpie Nursery Art

I would, however, like to note that somehow we managed to leave the house in near pristine condition when we had to leave unexpectedly, four weeks early, to the hospital. Besides the nursery being in renovation shambles and the baby shower gifts lining the wall of our living room…the house was miraculously clean and tidy. (Could you imagine, coming home with a baby to an unfinished nursery AND a messy house? Yikes!)

Needless to say, my plan to start and finish the nursery the week of my 36th week of pregnancy was NOT – I repeat – NOT a success!! (And that’s an understatement!)

Framed Nursery Art Handlettering Detail

Basically, the night we left for the hospital, Damon had just gotten the nursery walls painted, and the dresser / changing table primed. And that part always makes me laugh. Because I always tell Damon it was a good thing he got the dresser primed that night, otherwise the painted dresser I’d been dreaming of never would’ve come to fruition!

An Early Arrival Makes for a Late Finish

It took us – and by us, I mostly mean Damon – a whole month after baby’s early arrival to “finish” the nursery. And then, get this…the picture frames have hung empty for the past six months since. So, yeah…10 out of 10, would not recommend having an unfinished nursery before baby arrives!! (Getting things done before baby arrived was hard enough…don’t get me started on how hard it feels to get anything done with baby in the picture!)

Happy Healthy Nursery Art Flanked Nursery Art

Anyway, on a positive note, I had plenty of time to think about what kind of artwork I wanted to make for the nursery room. My mom gifted me an adorable farm animal print, and I knew I wanted to flank it with some kind of personalized, handlettered word art.

Trying to figure out which words proved challenging. No two words or any specific quotes seemed fitting. So, I decided to seek inspiration from something more meaningful to us – our nightly prayer for our son. With the four key words being: happy, healthy, whole and well.

Nursery Art Perspective Finished Nursery Art

Simple, personal, and a token of our love and affection for our son…I think my word art is the perfect finishing touch to Aldric’s nursery. I’d like to think that maybe one day far in the future Aldric will have this set of artwork as a keepsake. And that he’ll be able to recall our prayer for him, and maybe – just maybe – he’ll want to use them in one of his own children’s nurseries. (A mama can dream!)

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