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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions –

The further I get down this entrepreneurial path, the more I’m learning that it’s going to be a challenge to find time to rest. You might be thinking…you’re your own boss, you can rest whenever you want! Well, in a way that’s true. I already work the hours I want to work, no early mornings for me! However, this whole business pursuit lies 100% on my shoulders! If I stop, it stops. Everything comes to a halt, and that’s on me. And that’s pretty intimidating!

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So, as you can imagine, it’s really hard to be your own boss and try to make all the right decisions! Over this past weekend, I was confronted with my first “Should I? Or shouldn’t I?” situation. It was a long weekend away, and of course…I packed all of my current project’s supplies in the hopes of meeting my personal and professional (because it’s never just one anymore!) deadline.

On the six hour drive, I managed to embroider for three hours until the sunset. And let me tell you, was I happy when I could finally stop! But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I thought about how maybe I should’ve brought my camping headlamp so I could embroider into the night. (Yuck! Glad I didn’t…)

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That night, when Damon and I finally got to our destination, I came to the realization that I had a decision to make. Should I work away more than half of my long weekend to finish this project? Or should I embrace the opportunity for much needed rest and relaxation? (Plus, not ruin both of our weekends!) And just like that…we embarked on a great, long weekend away.

Besides, I got to thinking…if I can’t enjoy life, and find time to rest, there’s no way I’m going to stay an entrepreneur. And I so want to be an entrepreneur! So, tough decisions have to be made. And sometimes the personal needs will come out on top, and other times the professional needs will come out on top. Ultimately, it’s all about staying balanced personally and professionally!

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Embroidery & Enjoyment –

I base all of my blog projects on enjoyment. If a potential project doesn’t sound fun, I just don’t do it! I write it down with all my other project ideas, and save it for another time when it does sound fun. That doesn’t mean all my projects turn out to be fun…BUT at least in the beginning they sound fun. Which I’ve found is the best way to build momentum to start and finish a project.

Embroidery Quote Sketch

Anyway, last week I decided embroidering sounded fun. My last embroidery project was a heart pillow with a Winnie the Pooh quote, which I really enjoyed making. So, I decided to stick with the children’s theme, and went with my favorite lullaby song growing up: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. And since I’ve embroidered a few projects throughout the years, I kind of knew what I was getting myself into: a mostly mindless, and time consuming endeavor!

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What I did not realize was that making a star template would prove so time consuming…turns out I can’t just sketch one and hope it turns out symmetrical! Also turns out that I can’t measure a symmetrical one either. Luckily, when I gave up Damon came to the rescue. He’s a smart and patient man, so that task was right up his alley. (Hallelujah!)

Also, after completing this 10+ hour project, I’m really glad I included Damon in the initial brainstorming. After I let him in on my plan to make 2–3 embroidered star pillows to complete the whole song, he talked me back into my right mind. (Apparently, I had completely lost my mind.)

Embroidered Star Pillow Detail 2

If you’re like me, and you think embroidering looks like fun, give it try! There are tons of embroidering projects ranging in size from small to large. Search the web, and be inspired to create your own!


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