Donuts & Acrylics

A Blank Canvas –

I’m not going to lie, painting is hard for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is merely the fact that you have to be patient. A trait I often lack. Another reason is that you’re relying on your artistic abilities. Which, let’s face it, will never be flawless. A fact that’s always hard to swallow when you’re kind of, sort of…a perfectionist (There, I said it!)

Donut Painting Prep

I think my lack of patience paired with my perfectionist tendencies have been a pretty big hindrance to my creativity. And I’m not even talking about just my past. I’m talking about right now. Even after years of various art and design courses (no painting classes, mind you), it still feels extremely uncomfortable and daunting to me when I stand in front of a blank canvas.

What are you supposed to do with a blank canvas? Well, now that I’m not being assigned or graded on a project…that’s a good question! What the heck am I supposed to do with a blank canvas? That blank canvas has the potential to showcase anything. ANYTHING. (Ugh.)

Donut Sketch

Unfortunately, I’ve found that thought to be a little more overwhelming than liberating. So, what do you do when you don’t know what to paint? Think of things you like! Flowers, feathers, and food were the main contenders on my list.

Donut Paint Mixing

As you might’ve guessed, food won! Typical. Turns out the idea of painting a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles sounded fun. No to mention, I had the perfect donut muses on hand. (Yum!)

Painting Ain’t Easy —

I’m not going to lie about this either…picking out a subject for a painting isn’t the hardest part. (Dang it!) Starting to paint is usually the hardest part, especially when you’re a reluctant, impatient, perfectionist like myself.

Donut Painting 1st Layer

I’ve actually been dreading working on this painting project since I put it on my to-do list. Isn’t that stupid of me? I get to paint as part of my living. (Yeah, I said it!) I should be jumping for joy that I get to pick what projects to work on, and when to work on them. I am the boss! But that doesn’t really make it feel any better. Honestly, it just makes it feel like more pressure, but that’s a post for another time…

Donut Painting Gradient

You might be wondering…why paint, if you don’t want to paint? While the answer is complex, I’ll keep it short and sweet. This blog is about being creative, and being confident (aka: creating confidently). So, here goes!

After the Paint Has Dried –

You might be wondering…how did the painting go? Slowly. Very, very slowly. I knew going in that painting would test my patience, and it most certainly did. Nevertheless, waiting for paint to dry in-between coats, mixing colors, and trying to care about shading all felt very tedious.

Donut Painting

Although thinking about painting weighed heavily on my mind, actually painting was kind of therapeutic. Filling the canvas with brushstrokes was very satisfying. And although my donut painting isn’t perfect, I’m glad I put the time and effort into powering through this creative project.

Donut Painting Detail

Stepping out of my comfort zone and in front of a blank canvas proved challenging. But with time and practice I’ll get a little quicker, a little better, and certainly a little more confident. Not to mention, I’ll get to look back on this and see improvements, which is always rewarding. Who knows, maybe I’ll even grow some patience along the way!

So, go ahead, step in front of a blank canvas. Be creative and confident—you never know what you’re capable of until you try!

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