Dodgy Jammers (Pun Intended)

An American Take on A British Staple –

Dodgy Jammers? Don’t you mean Jammie Dodgers? No…Okay, I’ll admit I kept getting it wrong at first. But then, the deeper I got into the baking process, the more fitting the name proved. (Apparently that’s called *spoonerism!)

Dodgy Jammers

Since I’m an American, there’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’re an American. And that means there’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of Jammie Dodgers. Basically, they’re a popular British biscuit filled with raspberry or strawberry jam. (“Biscuit” meaning cookie, more specifically in this recipe, shortbread cookie).

There are four reasons why I know what Jammie Dodgers are:

1) My husband loves Dr. Who, a science-fiction show on BBC;

Dr. Who Title Sequence

2) After much persuading, my husband got me hooked on Dr. Who;

Dr. Who Tardis

3) There’s an episode of Dr. Who where the Doctor refers to a Jammie Dodger as a destructive “big red button” (and I love it so much);

Dr. Who - Matt Smith

4) Immediately after watching the episode, we went to World Market (a specialty import store) and bought Jammie Dodgers—yum!

Burtons Jammie Dodgers

I Wanted to be A Pastry Chef? –

Dodgy Jammer Ingredients

I am quite possibly the most impatient baker ever. (Like, EVER!) Which makes me laugh, because at one time I wanted to be a pastry chef. Maybe you’re wondering…what do you mean by impatient?

Fluffy Butter

Here’s an example: The recipe called for mixing the butter and sugar until fluffy. So, naturally, I let it go for about 15 seconds until it looked mixed and fluffy…or so I thought. Damon promptly laughed, shook his head, and told me I was wrong!

Makeshift Cookie Cutter

After what felt like forever, but was probably only a minute or two, the butter and sugar was finally deemed “fluffy” by Damon. And who am I to argue? I got him a t-shirt that says “Real Men Bake” for Valentines Day.

Cookies going in Oven

Anyway, midway through this shoddy debacle of cookie and jam making, I asked him: “Am I ruining this for you?” To which he said, “Yes.” (Imagine the surprised look on my face.) Then, he continued to tell me, “It’s a good thing this is your project for your blog. Because the next time I want to bake for fun, you’re not allowed to blog about it.” Ha—message received!

A Testament to Small-Town Living –

Anyway, you’re probably wondering…why are my Jammie Dodgers more accurately Dodgy Jammers? First, I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to making Jammie Dodgers! Second, The town grocery store is just a grocery store—not a super center. Which means a lot of things are missing. Like…let’s see…cookie cutters!

Raspberries & Sugar

Just use a cup, you say! I wish…But it was too late, I’d already missed the time for that opportunity. I had already rolled the dough into a log to freeze and cut. But guess how that turned out! A frozen, solid, not circle of shortbread dough. (Ha! Better luck next time!) However, luckily for me, I have a handy, clever man for a husband. He made a makeshift cookie cutter out of layers upon layers of folded aluminum foil.

Jam Test

We also had to be clever in finding a smaller cookie cutter to make the cutout area for the jam to be seen. Luckily, Dollar General saved the day…with salt and pepper shakers! (Say what?) Yeah, turns out once removed, the metal lids are turned into pretty decent makeshift cookie cutters.

So, what do you think about my Dodgy Jammers now? They seem pretty dodgy to me!

Dodgy Jammers Cooling

If you give this recipe a try, let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy these Dodgy Jammers as much as I do! Leave a comment below, or share a photo of your Dodgy Jammers @hopesimmonsdesign on Instagram.


Spoonerism: an error in speech, or deliberate play on words, when corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched between two words in a phrase. (Wikipedia)


Dodgy JammersDodgy Jammers

Prep Time: 45–60 minutes — Cook Time: 10–12 minutes — Serving Size: 2–3 dozen

Shortbread Cookie Ingredients:

2 c butter, softened
1 c white sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 c all-purpose flour

Raspberry Jam Ingredients:

2.5 c frozen raspberries, thawed
1 lemon
¼ c sugar, plus more as needed
Pinch of salt

Misc. Equipment:

Rolling pin
2 cookie cutters, differing sizes of circles
Potato masher


For the Shortbread Cookies:
1. Turn on the oven to 350°.
2. Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy. Then stir in the vanilla, slowly add in the flour, and mix until well blended.
3. Lightly flour a clean surface, and roll out the dough to approximately ¼ inch thick.
4. Cut into circles with cookie cutters. Then, for half of those cookies, use a smaller cookie cutter to cut a smaller circle out of the center. Place cookies ½ inch apart on foil lined, and ungreased cookie sheets.
5. Bake for 10–12 minutes, until lightly golden.

For the Raspberry Jam:
1. For later use, place 2–4 metal spoons in the freezer.
2. Pour the thawed raspberries into a medium sauce pan. Then add the sugar and salt into the pan, mixing until incorporated.
3. Slice a 1″ wide slice from the midsection of the lemon. Then use it to squeeze lemon juice into the sauce pan. Lastly, halve the lemon slice, and throw the rind into the pot as well. (Note: Watch out for lemon seeds! Remove as needed.)
4. Turn the heat to medium. Then, using a potato masher, begin mixing and mashing the fruit mixture until a slightly chunky texture is reached. For the most part, leave the lemon rind alone, as you’ll be removing it from the mixture later.
5. Bring the mixture to a boil, and cook for 5–8 minutes, stirring frequently.
6. When the mixture appears to have thickened, remove a spoon from the freezer and dribble a few drops onto the spoon. Wait a few seconds, then run your finger through the jam. (See step 7.) If it leaves a distinct track in the jam, it’s done. If not, keep cooking and test again a few minutes later.
7. When you do the spoon check, check for sweetness too. Add an extra 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar as needed for sweetness, or extra lemon juice for tanginess. (Note: If you add more sugar after jam has set, cook for 1–2 minutes longer to let the sugar dissolve.)

To Assemble:
1. Once both the cookies and jam have cooled for a few minutes, you can begin assembling the cookies.
2. Carefully remove the cookies from the pan. (Watch out, they’re fragile!) Then use a small spoonful of jam to spread onto the intact cookie halves which will act as the cookie base.
3. Lastly, finish by placing the see-through cookie halves on top of the jam spread cookie halves, and lightly press down to stick the whole cookie together. Enjoy!


– If you don’t want to take the time to make homemade jam, store bought would also work.
– Remember, you don’t want your homemade jam to be overly sweet, because the shortbread cookies themselves are quite sweet.


– The shortbread cookies goes to: Dana, The Kitchn
– The fruit jam goes to: Sally, Allrecipes



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