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Thinking Big vs. Thinking Small –

“Do What You Love,” is a phrase that usually makes a person think big. But it shouldn’t always be that way, because thinking small is really important too! So, what’s the difference between thinking big and thinking small?

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Thinking big involves making big decisions that can ultimately alter the path of your life.

Thinking small, on the other hand, involves making small decisions that only affect your daily life.

Personally, I find that it’s usually the small decisions that have the most impact on my overall happiness. I often find myself getting hung up on my to-do lists simply because I dread doing a few of the tasks on the list.

Before I started applying the “do what you love” method, the dread of doing one task on my to-do list would hold me back from doing any of the tasks until the last minute. But now that I’ve been applying the “do what you love” method, I’ve been able to snap myself out of it, and my productivity and overall happiness have seen huge improvements!

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The Method –

So, how can you apply the “do what you love” method? It’s pretty easy. Here are the steps:

1) Make Your To-Do List:
Make a list of all the tasks you’re wanting (or needing) to accomplish for the day. You can either write it down on your favorite notepad, or make mental notes. But I recommend writing it down, because it always seems to clear up space in my mind, and it lets me rest assured I won’t accidentally forget anything. Yikes!

2) Glance Through & Take Mental Notes:
Peruse your list, and think about which of those tasks sound easy or fun, and which sound hard or bad. Which of the tasks do you love to do? Which do you hate? Don’t love any of them? I bet you “love” some of those tasks a whoooole lot more than others. I know I always do!

3) Start Checking Off the List:
Now, it’s time to plunge in and start doing any of the tasks you’ve decided you love, or “love,” whichever the case may be! Once you start checking them off you’ll feel so much better about how your day is going!

4) Keep Momentum & Finish Strong:
By now you’ll have already crossed off a few of the tasks you love, and you’ll be able to keep that momentum going to finish off some of those tasks you hate! If leaving all the tasks you hate for the end of your day sounds dreadful, try switching it up. Finish one task you love, then one task you hate, so on and so forth until you’re DONE!!!

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The “Do What You Love” method may seem a little trivial, or perhaps even trite. But when you think about it, our lives are filled with thinking big and thinking small. And because of that, we should always remember that happiness can and should always be a factor in our own personal decision making. If you’re feeling unproductive or unhappy with your days, “Do What You Love”—it’s so worth a try!

To help you remember to “Do What You Love,” I’ve designed a downloadable wallpaper for your phone, tablet, and/or desktop. Visit the Digital Downloads page to get yours free!

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