DIY—Note Cards

The Card Dilemma –

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been getting tired of trying to find cute and inexpensive cards. It feels like I’m constantly weighing my options between price and quality. In other words, it’s rare that I find an inexpensive card that also looks good, and that’s a shame!

So, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m going to make my own cards, because IT’S POSSIBLE!

DIY Note Card Stack

Sometimes I think we forget that we’re capable of doing such things on our own, because it’s been embedded in us that “that’s just not how it works.” We live in a capitalist society, and we all know the drill: you go to the store, look through the selection, choose what most “fits” the criteria, and pay at the register. Somewhere in there you usually feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the selection, and most definitely you compare prices of the main contenders.

DIY Note Card Geometric Theme

But, like I said, it doesn’t have to be that way. I can make my own cards, and so can you!

An Original Piece of Artwork: Inexpensive & Customized –

Are you excited by the prospect of making your own cards for a fraction of the cost? You should be — it’s fun, easy, and anyone (including young children) can get involved in the design process!

DIY Note Card Floral Theme

As a bonus, whoever you send your creations to will have an original piece of artwork. Which will make the recipient much more likely to appreciate and cherish your handcrafted card. Plus, no more searching for the closest “fit,” because each card you make will be 100% customizable.

DIY Floral Note Cards

If you love hands-on projects, this DIY Stationery project will be right up your alley! Find detailed instructions listed below.


Duration: Afternoon Project
Difficulty Level: Easy

DIY Note Card Supplies


Blank cards and envelopes*
Pencil and eraser
Micron Pen or Fine Point Sharpie


1. Be thoughtful & inspired –
There are many reasons to send out mail: holidays, congratulations, birthdays, thank yous — the list goes on and on! Being thoughtful of the reason behind sending a card can prove helpful in determining the design theme for a card.

If however that still leaves you pondering all the design possibilities, the best thing you can do is become inspired. Searching for ideas on Google or Pinterest is a good way to find your personal style preferences. For example, I’ve always been drawn to simple geometric shapes and floral patterns. So, choosing those as my design theme was aptly fitting.

2. Sketch away –
Sometimes the hardest part is starting. Just remember, as long as you lightly sketch on the cards in pencil, there is plenty of time for erasing and refinement later on down the road! So, just relax and see where the sketch takes you.

3. Refine with ink –
Once you’re happy with your pencil sketch, it’s time to put ink on the paper! I would recommend trying out a few different pens on an extra card to make sure the ink doesn’t bleed, and so you can choose which line weight(s) you find most pleasing for your designs.

Note Cards Step 3 Ink

After the ink has dried, run a large eraser over the designs to erase any of the stray pencil markings from the initial sketch. The handcrafted cards are really starting to look nice now!

4. Make it customized –
It’s time to customize the cards! In other words, what’s the occasion (e.g. holidays, congratulations, birthdays, thank yous)? Once that’s determined, you’ll find there are often many ways to say the same phrase. If you’re feeling stuck, now is another time to try searching Google or Pinterest!

As soon as you’ve decided on the perfect phrase or wording, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Note Card Message Sketch Note Card Message Ink Note Card Message Erase DIY Note Card & Envelope

And voilà, you’ve just made your very own inexpensive, customized, and – might I add – good looking stationery!

DIY Floral & Geometric Note Cards

Notes / Descriptions:

For this project, I used a colorful set of A6 cards (4.5″ x 6.25″); however, there are many other sizes and colors to choose from based on your own preferences. I’d recommend looking at these stores to see your options: Hobby Lobby & Michaels.

Also, whereas I chose to design 8 cards at once, you could always choose to design less on an as needed basis, or more to build a stockpile.

Remember, it’s a flexible project that’s completely up to you!

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