Road Trip: Rolling Hills Zoo

The Perfect Size – The Rolling Hills Zoo is just a short 15–20 minute drive west from Salina, Kansas. Where it’s nestled in the Smoky Hills. A region named so, according to the Kansas Geological Society, because of the “early morning haze that gathers in the valleys.” It was fitting then, that this past weekend… Read more ›

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

A Cold Winter Storm – This past winter was as to be expected…cold. There’s nothing wrong with cold winters, but for me I’m not much of a fan. My fingers and toes get too cold, too soon. And what fun is being out in the snow if you can’t feel your fingers or toes? Not… Read more ›

Spring Collars & Cuteness

Spoiled Pets and the Outdoors – {Warning: doting rescue mama speaking.} As mentioned in the Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring blog post, we take all our indoor animals outside. And every time, I can’t help but laugh at how funny we must look to people driving by. I mean, who takes their indoor cats out on… Read more ›

Windblown Perspective

Windy with a Chance of Cleanup – Over the weekend, my husband and I finally picked up all the tree branches that were littering our yard from a big winter storm a few weeks back. Afterwards, we were feeling pretty proud of our handiwork, a nice clean yard. The very next day, however, brought howling… Read more ›