Stop Doubting, Start Believing

Bigger & Better Things Ahead – Over the weekend, Damon & I spent eight hours mowing and cleaning, and finally the keys to the rental we once called home left our hands. Leaving was definitely bittersweet, as we have so many fond memories tied to that house. But, as they say, it was time to… Read more ›

You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To!

Finding Dory – Last week, I finally watched the movie Finding Dory. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t realize how good! It was just the sweetest movie, and how could it not be with little Dory?! I thought little Nemo was adorable from the original movie, Finding Nemo. But little… Read more ›

Be Positive!

An Anxious Mind – Some weeks just feel like they’re never going to end. Like they’ll last forever. And for some reason, it’s never the fun, happy, relaxing, or adventurous weeks. Those beautiful gems tend to fly by. As for my week, it’s not like it’s even been bad. I won’t go into any specifics,… Read more ›

Do What You Love

Thinking Big vs. Thinking Small – “Do What You Love,” is a phrase that usually makes a person think big. But it shouldn’t always be that way, because thinking small is really important too! So, what’s the difference between thinking big and thinking small? Thinking big involves making big decisions that can ultimately alter the… Read more ›

Windblown Perspective

Windy with a Chance of Cleanup – Over the weekend, my husband and I finally picked up all the tree branches that were littering our yard from a big winter storm a few weeks back. Afterwards, we were feeling pretty proud of our handiwork, a nice clean yard. The very next day, however, brought howling… Read more ›