Finally Finished: Nursery Art

Pushing off the Nursery When I was pregnant, I really didn’t want to work on the nursery. Here’s why: 1) The Baby Shower – I wanted to wait until after the baby shower to start working on the nursery. That way nearly everything we would need would be in our possession, and we wouldn’t have… Read more ›

Simmering Thoughts + Clay Dishes

This week in blogging I feel like I have so much to say, and yet I’m not ready to write about any of it! As Damon likes to say, “You’re thinking so loud I can hear it.” And while that may be adorably true, I’m just not in a place to write about any of… Read more ›

Illustration: A Moving Memento

We did it, the boxes have ALL been unpacked and sorted, and I’m trying to savor this accomplishment… but there is still plenty to do! Namely, finding homes for all the unpacked and sorted goodies within their respective rooms. (I am homeowner, hear me groan…) Nevertheless, what better way to mark this seemingly momentous occasion… Read more ›

Calligraphy Scribbles + Baby Names

Practicing with Ink – I’ve always enjoyed viewing calligraphic works of art. So much time, care, and effort goes into mastering the art form. A dab of ink and a flick of the wrist quickly turns into something beautiful. But as goes with any other skill, those who have mastered it make it look so… Read more ›

A Lifelong Love of Butterflies

A Hidden Delight – I love butterflies. I remember chasing them as a child, making arts and crafts to resemble them during grade school and high school, and working hands-on with them at a nonprofit university research facility called Monarch Watch. So, you can imagine my delight when I saw a big butterfly on our… Read more ›

The Art of Doodling

Lost Somewhere Along the Way – When I was little, like most kids, I doodled A LOT. From preschool to 6th grade, I remember doodling lots of cats, butterflies, and big eyed characters. I even enjoyed coming up with storylines and expanding a few doodles into short storybooks. But sometime after 6th grade I just… Read more ›

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Badly

It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect – I’ve talked about my perfectionist tendencies a few times on the blog, but talking about them doesn’t help me get over them. Doing something about them, on the other hand, does help. So, this week I knew I wanted to paint something. But I just kept thinking, and… Read more ›