Calligraphy Scribbles + Baby Names

Practicing with Ink –

I’ve always enjoyed viewing calligraphic works of art. So much time, care, and effort goes into mastering the art form. A dab of ink and a flick of the wrist quickly turns into something beautiful. But as goes with any other skill, those who have mastered it make it look so easy, and effortless…which couldn’t be further from the truth!

Calligraphy Tools

While I was still living in Lawrence, I took a one-evening calligraphy course taught by a Hallmark lettering artist. It was only a few hours, but it was so fun, insightful, and filled with tips and techniques. Mostly, it was all about practice, practice, practice!

What was really nice, was that it wasn’t focused on practicing “traditional” calligraphy. Rather it was all about experimenting and finding our own calligraphic style. By the end of the evening, I had filled my new notebook with pages and pages of unique styles. It was so refreshing to just sit down with no expectations and have complete artistic freedom!

Calligraphy Scribbles

Lately, I’ve been feeling bogged down with projects. So, what better way to feel refreshed than to get out my notebook, calligraphy pen, and jar of ink to recreate that blissfully creative evening—by just sitting down with no expectations and having complete artistic freedom!

What’s in a Name? –

A nice thing about working independently in the art and design field is that I have time to think freely as I work. I’m not crunching numbers, or writing memos. Sometimes I’m planning, or researching topics, but mostly I’m working with blank canvases. Colors, styles, and letterforms are my main concerns.

Calligraphy Alphabet

So, I have lots of time to think and daydream. And lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this sweet baby I’m carrying. Wondering what life will be like once he or she arrives, how the nursery will look, how the baby will look, what his or her personality will be like…the list goes on and on. Obviously, I’m excited!

After much flip-flopping on the issue, we’ve decided not to learn the gender of the baby. Which means…Damon and I have two baby names to consider! Luckily for us, we’ve had the girl name chosen for who knows how long? Probably seven years. But until last week, Damon and I were nose deep in the baby names book searching for that perfect baby boy’s name!

Calligraphy Alphabet Caps

We dwindled it to our top 30, then Damon pointed out we should consider the name meanings. Unlike Shakespeare’s Juliet who said, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Damon believes the name shapes the person. So, being rather indifferent on the subject, I told him to prove it.

And did he ever! He used my very own name against me…
Calligraphy Hope Definition
Um…story of my life? Yeah, pretty much.

So, didn’t take much to convince me we needed to consider the meanings behind the names. And in doing so, that quickly narrowed our list down to our top three contenders! None of which we will be divulging, because it’s easy to be opinionated and critical of a name. It’s much harder to be so of a newborn! (At least outwardly…) And as my mom likes to say, babies grow into their names, and once that happens it’s hard to imagine them being named anything else.



  1. Bonnie Simmons says

    Well written! No matter what name or what the sex of the baby, I’m positive you will instantly fall in love with this precious little one!💜👣🍼💕

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