Black-Eyed Susans Amidst Chaos

Home Ownership –

I didn’t go into home ownership naïvely. I’ve heard plenty about the responsibilities and woes of being a homeowner. And I knew there would be loads of things breaking and needing repaired or fixed. But my gosh, I need a breather…a lull in the onslaught, one might say.

Garden Walking Path
Mossy Tree Bark

Makes me laugh that Damon and I ever even thought about buying a fixer-upper. Um, yeah…no thanks! I don’t think we’ll be doing that anytime soon, or ever—yuck!

Just thinking about all the things (cosmetic and not) that need to be done is exhausting. I’ve come to the realization that I just need to make a list. That way, instead of my mind constantly refreshing itself on everything that needs to be done, I’ll know it’s written down and I can forget about it until the time comes to move onto the next project—time, energy, and finances allowing.

Red Geraniums
Garden Bed Mystery Plant

I also think it’ll help give me peace of mind once all the unboxing, sorting, and putting away is done. Talk about one of those seemingly never-ending projects—ugh! The goal is to be finished by the end of the month. And what a good riddance it will be!

Nagging Project

Until then, my biggest and most nagging project, is one I’m not even willing to touch yet…gardening! We have a beautiful yard, and lawn, but the garden beds are a complete disaster. They’re filled with overgrown grass, weeds, and who knows what else…and it’s driving me crazy! I don’t even really have an affinity for gardening, but the urges to buy a wheel barrel, put on some gloves, and go at it with a shovel are real…very real.

Garden Bed Chaos
Garden Bed Grass

You might be wondering…so why don’t you just do it? Well, I might give in, but I’m trying not to, because bugs love me. And besides being itchy and obnoxious, my bug bites always get big and bright red…and last for freaking ever! So, yeah…now that I’m pregnant, and more attractive to bugs and susceptible to infections, I’m thinking I should probably just stay away.

Garden Bed Mystery Plant 2 Grass Blades

Who knows, maybe it would be easier to clear out once it’s colder and everything dies off…? I have no idea, but if you see me covered head to toe in clothing and throwing dirt around the front yard…you’ll know I’ve lost my mind, broken down and started battling the garden beds. I mean, it has to get done eventually, and off my to-do list, right?!

Photography Project –

You might also be wondering…what the heck does this have to do with Black-Eyed Susans? Um, ‘cause there’s a Black-Eyed Susan in the front yard garden bed, of course! I’ve only ever noticed these plants when they’re huge, but the plant in our yard is really cute and small…for now anyway. Or maybe it’s a dwarf variety? No idea, but apparently that’s a thing!

Black-Eyed Susans 2

Anyway, I’ll definitely have to mark the Black-Eyed Susan with a flag so as not to dig it up whenever the aforementioned gardening time arrives. Because that’d be a shame, I really like Black-Eyed Susan’s after all. Their flowers are bright yellow and cheerful, with cute bulbous black centers.

From the little reading I’ve done, it appears Black-Eyed Susans are hardy, as they’re heat and drought tolerant. And they attract pollinators which is always a plus! I’ve never thought about using the bloom seeds to plant more of these flowers throughout the garden bed, but that might be a really good idea—cost-effective and cute!

Black-Eyed Susans 1

So, what better muse for my camera than these cheerful Black-Eyed Susans amidst the otherwise chaotic garden beds! Hopefully they cheer you up as much as they do me! And remember, as they like to say: “there’s always time to admire the Black-Eyed Susans.” Oh wait, that doesn’t seem quite right…


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