“Once an artist, always an artist.”

I was once told this by a creative business owner, who had asked me if I was an artist. To which I had replied, “I used to be.” At the time, I had abandoned my creative abilities and was in hot pursuit of a more scientific way of thinking. However, what the owner said struck a nerve with me, and planted the seed that maybe just because I had abandoned my creative abilities, didn’t mean my abilities had abandoned me.

To make a long story short, three years later, I returned to my creative roots. Then a year and a half later, I earned my Graphic Design degree.

Creative Roots

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has suppressed, forgotten, or abandoned their creative abilities. It’s for this very reason that I have started this blog.

Hope Simmons Design is a Lifestyle, Design and DIY Blog with the intention to inspire and empower you and other suppressed, lost, and/or timid creatives to:

1) THINK creatively
2) CREATE expressively
3) EXPRESS confidently

The blog features an abundance of projects including: photography, art, design, and writing. Oftentimes, these endeavors will be purely meant to inspire you to THINK creatively. Many times, these endeavors will provide you with step-by-step instructions to CREATE expressively the projects at hand. At all times, no matter the topic or task, you will be nudged to EXPRESS confidently YOUR creative abilities.

Midwestern Roots

On a final note, this blog is intended not only to highlight my creative roots, but also my small-town, Midwestern roots. I have recently moved back to a small town in Southwest Kansas, thirty minutes away from my hometown. It’s been a refreshing adjustment, and for this reason the blog will often showcase all things rural, small-town, and Midwestern.

I hope you follow along, and join me for the journey!




This was my high school username, and it’s true to this day—I am a daydreamer.

Unfortunately for me, nearly ten years have passed since high school, and my daydreams have been just that—dreams. I have been so focused on school, bogged down with homework, and determined to meet other people’s deadlines and expectations that I’ve never gotten anywhere with my own dreams. But now, in 2017, that’s all about to change…

I’ve recently graduated with three bachelor’s degrees—Speech-Language-Hearing, History of Art, and Graphic Design. (An ample and unique assortment, I know!) Although it took me awhile, I finally feel prepared to turn my dreams into my reality.

I am so excited to begin the new year as a designer, blogger, and entrepreneur! Here’s to 2017—an exciting new chapter of life!

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Damon unknowingly inducted himself onto the team by referring to himself as the “IT guy.” Therefore, as the resident IT guy, his night job includes—graciously and at times tediously—resolving all the technological woes Hope has encountered (or created) during the day.



Good for daily walks, small play breaks, warm laps, and reassuring purrs. (Also, the reason why we give the lint roller industry good business.) Based on age, and order of adoption:


The brown tabby diva who takes the most naps.


The beagle-basset pup who is ever-enthusiastic and protective.


The gray tabby rascal who logs the most cuddle time.