This past week I’ve been working on a new blog post about life without an air conditioner. Ours broke and needed to be completely replaced, and we went two months without. Needless to say, I had a lot to say about the whole experience. However, last night, when I finished my rough draft and was… Read more ›

Finally Finished: Nursery Art

Pushing off the Nursery When I was pregnant, I really didn’t want to work on the nursery. Here’s why: 1) The Baby Shower – I wanted to wait until after the baby shower to start working on the nursery. That way nearly everything we would need would be in our possession, and we wouldn’t have… Read more ›

Social Media Struggles

One month ago, I finally mustered up enough courage to leave social media. Well, that is, the courage to leave my personal social media accounts for a month as a social experiment to ultimately decide whether I want to keep or delete my accounts. (Why was it so hard to pull the plug? More on… Read more ›

Double Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up I never had much of a sweet tooth. Whenever I wanted a snack, all things salty and crunchy came to mind. Sun chips and wheat thins were my go-to snacks! But now that I’ve gotten older, and more specifically…now that I’ve married a sweet tooth…I’ve acquired a bit of a sweet tooth myself!… Read more ›

Friday Faves: Mealime App

Friday Faves is a series of blog posts about my favorite products, most of which I use during my everyday life. The following product endorsement is based 100% on my own personal opinions. Showcased below is Mealime’s Lemon Pepper Steak with Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans. Meal Planning & Parenting – Before I became a… Read more ›

Part III – Motherhood: All the Feels

In a previous post, Pregnancy: A Roller Coaster, I mentioned how I hadn’t thought much about parenthood before baby arrived. Well, now that I’m a mom, I’ve thought about it a lot…and I have a lot to say! So, here is a list of my top ten insights of what to expect when becoming a… Read more ›

Part II – Birth Story: An Early Arrival

When It All [Unknowingly] Began – I was at my 36 week doctor appointment. My blood pressure was in the high-normal range. And the doctor was helping me sit up after checking the baby’s heart rate which was healthy and strong as ever. As I was sitting up, my back twinged with pain. I asked… Read more ›