Social Media Struggles

One month ago, I finally mustered up enough courage to leave social media. Well, that is, the courage to leave my personal social media accounts for a month as a social experiment to ultimately decide whether I want to keep or delete my accounts. (Why was it so hard to pull the plug? More on… Read more ›

Double Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up I never had much of a sweet tooth. Whenever I wanted a snack, all things salty and crunchy came to mind. Sun chips and wheat thins were my go-to snacks! But now that I’ve gotten older, and more specifically…now that I’ve married a sweet tooth…I’ve acquired a bit of a sweet tooth myself!… Read more ›

Friday Faves: Mealime App

Friday Faves is a series of blog posts about my favorite products, most of which I use during my everyday life. The following product endorsement is based 100% on my own personal opinions. Showcased below is Mealime’s Lemon Pepper Steak with Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans. Meal Planning & Parenting – Before I became a… Read more ›

Part III – Motherhood: All the Feels

In a previous post, Pregnancy: A Roller Coaster, I mentioned how I hadn’t thought much about parenthood before baby arrived. Well, now that I’m a mom, I’ve thought about it a lot…and I have a lot to say! So, here is a list of my top ten insights of what to expect when becoming a… Read more ›

Part II – Birth Story: An Early Arrival

When It All [Unknowingly] Began – I was at my 36 week doctor appointment. My blood pressure was in the high-normal range. And the doctor was helping me sit up after checking the baby’s heart rate which was healthy and strong as ever. As I was sitting up, my back twinged with pain. I asked… Read more ›

Part I – Pregnancy: The Final Stretch

A lot has happened since I last posted, the main thing being that I’m a mom now! Since my self-prescribed maternity leave has come to an end, I have a lot to catch you up on. It’s been so long since I last posted that I’ve decided there’s just too much to cover in one… Read more ›

Pregnancy: A Roller Coaster

The Ups, Downs, and Surprises – I wish I would’ve written down what I thought pregnancy would be like before I had gotten pregnant… I’m pretty sure it’d make for a good laugh! I think I had a pretty simple and glamorized image of pregnancy in my mind. Cute growing belly, an extra dotting husband,… Read more ›